6 Nov, 2020

The Secret To Humanizing Your Selling Experience

November 6, 2020 | Big Finish Challenge, Conscious Business, Marketing Innovation

Have you taken an honest look at your relationship to selling? I am asking because it’s your unspoken fear, discomfort, frustration or even disdain for selling, that is actually keeping you from stepping out, playing big and creating the sales you want.

It’s my invitation for you to explore what’s holding you back in sales that has conjured up memories of a time (just five years ago) when I had to take a hard look at where we were with our own sales process.

Our year-long mastermind offered an impressive 6 months to 6 figures path, clients were making huge strides and I loved providing the one thing every entrepreneur needs to succeed… one-on-one consulting. But despite all this, the sales weren’t rocking – at least not at the rate we wanted.

So, one morning I sat down with my journal and asked the question…

“What’s holding us back from having the sales I know are possible?”

What followed was a litany of frustrations all pointing to a truth… that the sales process we had adopted from “industry leaders” felt sleazy, impersonal and lacked the meaning and connection I knew was necessary to find my ideal clients. The endless mass emails, one-size-fits-all offers and strategy sessions that where long and all over the map, didn’t fit with my vision of what selling could be. Because of that, we weren’t giving it the time it needed.

What I longed for was a sales process that was aligned with my values of ease, fulfillment, contribution and service. I wanted selling to be fun and to provide prospects with tremendous value, whether they said yes or not.

How about you? If marketing and selling your products and programs felt easy, fun, and delivered incredible value to prospects – would you do it more often? When I asked myself this question three years ago it sparked an idea and a movement that now drives our company, Smart Biz Quiz. We help service-based entrepreneurs create a sales process that delivers tons of value to their tribe, is fun and fulfilling to execute and results in high conversion of their ideal client.

How do we do it? We use personalized assessments to help your prospects discover where they are on track toward getting what they want and what missing pieces are holding them back. With this new awareness, they can see what they need and more specifically… how you can help.

With personalized assessments you can…

  • Grow your list with a creative “call to action”.
  • Learn where prospects are on their path and how you can help.
  • Personalize your communication so prospects feel seen and understood.
  • Offer the perfect next step based on where they are and what they really need.
  • Identify the “brain pickers” and “tire kickers” before offering your precious time.
  • Increase your high ticket closing ratio with a powerful strategy session format.

What’s even more exciting is that your assessment can be used in seven different sales sequences all designed to attract, engage and enroll your ideal client.

If I’ve sparked your curiosity and you want to learn more about how to supercharge your sales with assessment marketing, click here to access my special report entitled, How to Attract, Engage and Enroll Your Ideal Clients. Then, click here to start your Free Trial of Smart Biz Quiz! We will walk you step-by-step through our simple process for building your first assessment. Then, we’ll show you how to put it to work in your business to supercharge your sales. Grab it now FREE for 30 days! You don’t want to miss it!


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