7 Cool Ways to
Put Your Assessment To Work

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We help coaches, consultants, speakers, and authors use surveys and assessments to attract new leads discover what they need and close them into the perfect product.

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7 Proven Strategies
To Supercharge Your Sales

Let us help you plug your personalized assessment into one of these powerful sales sequences.

Attract new leads that fit your ideal client profile
Spot which prospects are most likely to buy
Customize your follow-up communication
Streamline your sales process to save time & money
Close more clients with ease and efficiency

Discover 7 Proven Ways to ATRACT, ENGAGE, and CLOSE more clients.
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Identify prospects who are ready & willing to invest.

Available with the Basic version.

Increase enrollment from your on-on-one sales conversation by weeding out the uncommitted and having a clear step-by-step process for exploring what prospects need to create the shift and results they are wanting.

Select the Pre-Strategy Session sequence if you are using private  one-on-one sessions to enroll prospects into private coaching or high-end programs.

Boost attendance to your upcoming webinars.

Available with the Basic version.

Skyrocket the show-up rate to your live or pre-recorded webinars by having registrants to take your assessment 24 hours in advance. Prospects come knowing what pieces are missing and open to learning how you can help them achieve the results they are wanting.

Select the Pre-webinar sequence if you are conducting webinars to invite prospects to schedule a private session or purchase a product or program.

Learn who is on your list and what they need.

Available with the Pro and Pro Plus version.

Re-engage a non-responsive list by showing them you care and providing a simple tool for discovering what’s holding them back. Then, engage them with relevant free content that’s perfect for where they are and what they need.

Select the List Re-engagement sequence to profile the people on your list and give them what they truly need to succeed.

Know who is in your audience before they arrive.

Available with the Pro and Pro Plus version.

Use your assessment to help event attendees get clear about where they are and what they need before arriving at your live event. Then, take the stage knowing exactly who is in your audience and what they need, enabling you to customize your content to deliver maximum value. Finally, use attendee’s quiz results to set the stage for increased back-of-the-room sales.

Select the Pre-Live event sequence if you are holding live events, be it a two-hour workshop or a 3-Day multi-speaker event. Never again will you walk into your own event without knowing what your audience needs.

Offer a powerful lead capture tool from stage.

Available with the Pro and Pro Plus version.

Capture new leads with this creative call to action whenever you speak to an audience, whether live or virtually. Your assessment builds your credibility by showing them what missing pieces may be holding them back and how you can help.

Select the Speak From Stage sequence if you are needing a creative call to action from stage. Using mobile texting, you can capture leads and engage your audience with a simple ten-statement quiz your audience will love.

Tap into the power of quizzes to grow your list.

Available with the Pro and Pro Plus version.

Supercharge your Facebook ads by automatically profiling prospects and then personalizing your e-communication based on their needs. Tele-summit free offer.

Select the List Building sequence if you are running paid ads to build your list with qualified leads. To inspire completion and create immediate credibility, add a brief but powerful call-to-action video as well as mini-training on the thank you page that invites individuals to take a next step.

Measure your client’s progress and results.

Available with the Pro and Pro Plus version.

Imagine the power of giving your group program participants a tool to measure where they are at the start of your course or program. Then, upon completion, have them take the quiz again to give them a numerical representation of how much they have progressed.

Select the Client Progress sequence if you want to track your client’s progress – whether coaching with you privately or participating in a virtually delivered course.

You are one step away from having a personalized assessment that will supercharge your sales process…

  • Triple your closing ratio from enrollment conversations
  • Re-engage a tired and unresponsive list
  • Double your webinar show-up rate
  • Pre-qualify prospects so you talk only to ideal leads
  • Profile your list to give them what they need
  • Offer a compelling freebie when speaking virtual or live
  • Measure where your clients are at the start of their journey