Smart Biz Quiz is on a mission to make the world a better place by giving back. For the launch month of November 2016, we have selected an incredible non-profit organization, Bakashana, to be the recipian of 3% of revenues. These funds will provide two young girls with a 1 year scholarship and a better life.

By embracing a strength-based, culturally relevant approach that combines ancestral wisdom, the cultivation of healthy relationships, & access to contemporary resources, Bakashana empowers young women to become change agents in their families and leaders within their communities.

Help Us Provide a 1-Year Educational Sponsorship
To These Young Girls.

Chishimba Misteria

Ruth Mulenga

Bakashana, founded in 2009 by Claire Albrecht, our CEO Jane Deuber’s niece, provides support to young women from rural Zambia by contributing educational opportunities, finanacial support and personal enrichment experiences.  As a result they empower young women to become progressive, self-confident and socially involved leaders of change in their communities while fostering balance between tradition and the new world.