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29 Sep, 2020

Cultivate Conscious Connections

September 29, 2020 | List Building, Networking

In a blog I wrote 2 weeks ago, I shared the 5 things I did to rekindle my passion and get back in the game, after a period of time when I had completely lost my mojo.

Since then, I’ve had a few people reach out about one of these steps… cultivating meaningful connections. Because it’s one of the most profound of the five steps, I thought I would go a little deeper on the subject.

I’ve been consciously cultivating connections for decades now, whether through live events or personal connects where a friend follows their intuition and introduces me to someone via email. But with COVID, I’ve consciously upped my game knowing connection is more important than ever before.

SO… sensing you could also benefit from a little more “conscious connection,” here are seven things to keep in mind as you expand your circle of support.

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