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15 Dec, 2020

Calibrate Your Desires For Your Best Year Yet

December 15, 2020 | Business Growth, Business Vision

2020 was an unprecedented year. Between the pandemic, social unrest, the presidential election and economic uncertainty, we are all ready to put this year behind us and turn to the year ahead

But, if you are not careful, turning too quickly to what’s possible next year becomes a drug we take to numb the pain and discomfort of goals unmet.

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3 Sep, 2020

5 Things I Did To Re-Ignite My Passion and Purpose

September 3, 2020 | Business Growth, Business Vision, Inspiration

On Wednesday, I shared with my recommitment to my community and my two businesses.

Like many, as the Pandemic swept the globe I found myself feeling a bit confused and even complacent. Rather than fight it, I leaned in and used that time to slow down, hunker in and reflect on all that was unfolding. I deepened relationships, reflected on the last 3 decades and enjoyed taking my foot off the pedal.

But as the lockdown droned on into July, it became clear there is only so much “naval gazing” I can handle before going a little stir crazy. ;0) So, I cleared my calendar, got myself out in nature and took 5 powerful steps that brought me back to myself again.

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