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If you are looking to offer your clients tools that can quickly attract the right prospects, engage their current community and increase sales, then you are in the right place!

Here at Smart Biz Quiz, we are on a mission to change the way online marketers attract, engage, and enroll their ideal clients. That’s why when you recommend a client to Smart Biz Quiz, we pay you 20% commissions for the first year, as well as any upsells purchased in SBQ. 

In addition to having access to promote Smart Biz Quiz as an affiliate, you'll get resources to support and train you on how to best use SBQ with your clients.

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A little more about Smart Biz Quiz...

Smart Biz Quiz puts the power of assessment marketing into the hands of digital marketers, coaches, consultants, speakers and service providers.

Your referrals will be able to build their personalized assessment using our turn-key templates and easy-to-use auto-populate feature. They will receive access to our Smart Biz Quiz Learning Center, where we’ll offer hands-on trainings on how to put their assessment to work in their business.  

Smart Biz Quiz (SBQ) is an online assessment tool that is transforming the way experts are marketing online. Our clients use their assessment to attract ideal prospects, personalize their communication and increase sales conversions.  

SBQ is perfect for your tribe if your clients conduct one-on-one strategy sessions, speak from stage, offer webinars, are interested in building a list of clients eager to do business with them or are interested in re-engaging a list that’s been unresponsive.  

With Smart Biz Quiz, your referrals will be able to supercharge their sales process by being able to put only the most relevant content in front of their ideal clients. They will be able to double, even triple, enrollment into their high-end packages in four simple steps! 

Affiliate Program Details 

As an SBQ Affiliate, you will earn 20% commission for every referral that purchases an SBQ subscription plan as well as any SBQ packages they purchase.

*Commissions are verified and payments are sent by the 15th of next month following the transaction. As long as your referral maintains their payments, you’ll receive your commission. 

**Your first check will be released when your earnings reach $50 and we have received your completed 1099 form.

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